Cougar Cadet

Cougar Cadet

Edit: I know Dallas IS a big city, but maybe because they have so much space, they can spread out. Because when I was there, it didn’t FEEL like a big city with hardly any one crowded downtown.

After traveling to Ithaca and Dallas last month, I realized I missed the energy of a big city. Shot this today with Brad and Jeanne at Market and Powell where the Cougar Cadet Drumline was raising support. Oh, and the kids were REALLY good.

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  1. why do i feel like they should be middle aged women in skimpy clothing trying to attract men in their 20's while playing drums?

  2. Haha, on the above comment. I can see it.

    A precision drum corp of in-training cougar cadets marching in Pasadena's annual Doo Dah Parade. Mix in some young dancing Chippendale dudes vying for their attention, all marching together down the street. Would be hilarious…

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