Crazy, but good

I’m up typing this now because I can’t sleep. I think jet lag is settling in. I haven’t even stayed at home yet, because apparently there was a gas leak so they had to turn off the gas until Tuesday. Which means I have no hot water nor can I use the dryer. So I’ve been staying at other people’s houses. It stinks not to have a home to go back to. And I don’t have my car either! Oh well.

So I arrived back in SF on Friday evening because I had to bring one of the students back home.  I’ll be flying back out to Shanghai on Tuesday morning. Crazy, eh?

But that’s not all. I was able to attend Dustin and Valene’s wedding after all.  Yes, I have officially crashed a wedding now.  I even wrote in my name on the table place card.  After the wedding tonight, we were loading up my friend’s car in Oakland’s Chinatown and we had to transfer my stuff when a fight broke out at a party near our restaurant.  Everyone came rushing out toward’s my friend’s car. Half of us got in the car, while the other half had to walk to their cars. We couldntt drive off right away because people were running in the street, but we managed to get to the end of the block and as we turned the corner, we heard gunshots.  Welcome back to America…sheesh.

Well, I didn’t bust out my DSLR today, but here’s one of the pictures from the wedding.  Congratulations to the two of them.

Tomorrow, I’ll be going to church and to Benny and Julia’s shower. This has got to be the perfect weekend to be back.  What a blessing in disguise in the midst of all this traveling.


stepho the (fill in July 15, 2007 Reply

whoa really?? a fight and gunshots?? i guess God really wanted us to go home early to go to church the next morning, because if we walked out into the street, would nathan and the guys protect us???

frances July 15, 2007 Reply

Wow, you've been traveling alot…racking up those FFM's. hehee…but i can't imagine the jetlag. yikes!

God works his little miracles each day. What blessings you received from a return back…well, not that fight scene but you know what i mean. Hope you get a little rested up before heading off again.

some girl July 15, 2007 Reply

steph: hehe….i dont know if i'd want the guys to protect us. i'd be happy if they didnt just run off and leave us behind.

frances: work buys the tickets, so they get the FFM.

yeah, it's been crazy busy. this is the first time i've been home since i got back. hopefully i'll get some restful sleep in my own bed.

thanks you guys!

~KK July 15, 2007 Reply

Hey we were very glad to see you at the wedding. It was nice little surprise even though the reason for being back waisn't that great. I'll be praying that you return safely on Tues. and that the rest of the trip goes well. =) Take care & awesome picture. ~KK

penguingolfer89 July 15, 2007 Reply

Craizness, that's cool you got to go to the wedding.

Nice, pic.

Nathan July 15, 2007 Reply

Good thing everyone's safe. And for the record, stephanie… you are wrong. I woulda totally protected you guys….. haha no i wouldn't have. I can't die yet, I haven't read the final harry potter.

some girl July 16, 2007 Reply

nathan: i heard you would have used us as shields.

Nathan July 17, 2007 Reply

ya heard right jennifer :)

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