CSI Corpse Job, Roomba, and Wishlists

Anyone want $136 and a job as a corpse on CSI? Laying flat on your back, not moving or breathing, staring unblinking at the ceiling…no thanks.


Every time I see a commercial for these Roomba things, I want to get one. I wonder if it really works. I'd let it loose in my living room for a couple hours.


It's the holidays and shopping's in the air.  Check out wishradar and gifthat.  You can create your own wishlist and share it with others.


jaimeeeeeeeee December 12, 2006 Reply

… $136 that's pretty good… so i guess there is a job that pays you for not doing anything! :)

Jason December 12, 2006 Reply

Thanks for mentioning WishRadar, Jen.

And if you must know, I have been paid less for doing things that amounted to acting like a corpse, so I might be interested in that CSI gig. Thanks for pointing it out.

Happy Holidays,


some girl December 13, 2006 Reply

welcome, jason.

jaime, wonder how many hours that money is for.

Talk to me, Goose.

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