Damn, I’m Gorgeous

Damn, I’m Gorgeous

This was a birthday card that my brother gave Mackenzie for her 3rd birthday. Shame shame. We couldn’t let her older brother read it.


Penguingolfer89 June 7, 2007 Reply

Damn, that's cute! =)

some girl June 8, 2007 Reply

OOh, shame shame on you for using that language…

Penguingolfer89 June 8, 2007 Reply

You used that word on the title…

Tiffo the spicy nood June 9, 2007 Reply

in the beg. i couldn't believe my eyes… jennifer using profanity? but then i read the entry. . . close one. justkidding.

some girl June 9, 2007 Reply

hahaha…tiff, i wouldnt be saying that about myself now, would I?

Tiffo the spicy nood June 9, 2007 Reply

i don't know jen. you are very random at times. lol justkidding i think i should be sleeping at this hour…

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