Did you know that in

Did you know that in China, people get the day after the holiday off from work, not the holiday itself? That’s pretty smart, because you get to recover from the festivities.

I just went to go exchange a set of snow chains. I told the lady that I had bought the chains a while back, but I had totaled my car. So I wanted to exchange them for a new set to fit the car that I have now. The chains had never been used. She gave me this attitude, but this other gentleman, who was standing nearby, said that it was okay for me to exchange it. She just walked away. He went over and helped me look for the new set. I took it and was about to leave, when the lady suddenly said to the gentleman, “I don’t know why she’s here when she had just bought those chains today. That’s why I don’t understand how her car was totaled.” I told her that she must have mistaken me for someone else. So it IS true that all Asians look alike. But she kept insisting that I was just there and bought the chains today. She gave me the dirtiest look. I gave up on explaining, so I just said thank you to the gentleman who helped me, and left. I hope that she would be able to relax a little and not be so uptight. It must not be good for her health.

THEN, I went to another store to pick up some stuff. While I was waiting in line, I read this little white sign that said if the cashier doesn’t ask if you want to open a charge account, you get a free 2 liter. Hmm, I wondered if they ever forget. So I watched her ring up the lady ahead of me, and she didn’t ask her whether or not she wanted to open a charge account. Then the cashier lady rang up my merchandise and we exchanged some small talk. When she was finished ringing up my stuff, I was about to leave. She didn’t ask me if I wanted to open a charge account. So I asked her about the deal (yes, I’m gonna cash out on a deal whenever I can). She looked a bit irked and told the guy in charge that I needed a 2 liter bottle. I think I got her in trouble. I apologized to her and said that I hoped she didn’t get in trouble. She said she didn’t care. But she didn’t look to happy anymore. Oops. Am I the only one that ever cashes out on those deals? Hey, if it’s there, I’ll take it. Apparently, it’s not free, it came at the expense of the cashier. To the cashier lady, my apologies and thanks for the coke.

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