Did you know that it

Did you know that it now costs 50 cents to make a local call at a pay phone? I just found out cuz I can use my cell phone any more. I went over my minutes on my cell phone for this month already. Which means my phone will be off during the day time from now on. Lame.

Did the Chinese discover America? Good stuff, thanks to Big J.

For all you Californians out there, vote for the new quarter.


sacrod January 19, 2003 Reply

yeah, that stinks about the phone calls, huh? I remember when it used to be only 20 cents. Now that everyone has a cell phone, the companies have to compensate by charging bigger prices for cell phones. Thank goodness for my 600 minutes calling card!! :)

sacrod January 19, 2003 Reply

oops, charging bigger prices for pay phones, not cell phones…

beej January 20, 2003 Reply

nice, i think i need one of those…

penguingolfer89 January 20, 2003 Reply

Dude you used all your minutes up already? It's only the 20th day of the month/ since your post 15 days.I just found out cuz I can use me cell phone any more???Chinese discovered America???heeheee..I love quarters!! And dude I did vote!!! Go californeee!!!! we shall have a great quarter to represent CAL!

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