Family overseas, but I gotta stay and do my civic duties.

My parents are over in China somewhere climbing the mountains…well, most likely just watching other people climb the mountains. And Chris and Melissa are on a flight to Singapore right now where they’ll be transferring to a plane that’ll take them to Burma. Fun. I seriously gotta get away. But then again, I’ve been saying that all year. Well, I’ll be going down to visit OJ next month to see her all BIG! It’s a boy. I’ve been asked to come up with some boy names. I need ideas. Anyhoo, pray for safety for my family. Me and Anthony will be hanging out here in the Bay Area.

Good thing I’m not going anywhere. Next month, I gotta vote and got called in for jury duty.

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  1. Boy names? I'm partial to the following: Amadeus (as in, "Oooh, rock me Amadeus!"); Wilbur; or perhaps Slim.

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