Finished the draft of one

Finished the draft of one paper, with many more left. Such is the life of the student: writing papers on a Friday night. We just had our last “current issues” class meeting yesterday. During the break (it’s a 3 hour class), the professor asked if anyone wanted a burrito. She was buying that day. Everyone in our class declined the generous offer. After class, as I was walking to my car (which was parked over the hill and through the woods…) I ran into my professor. We talked for a bit. As we were about to part, she asked if I needed a ride. Wow, I’ve never been offered a ride, not to mention a burrito, from a professor before! I guess things in grad school are a bit different. You interact with professors on a more personal level. This professor was very kind. She’s a bit older, the grandmotherly type. She has been teaching one semester a year, and next fall will be her last semester before she is officially retired. This professor has an extraordinary wealth of knowledge. It’s a bit sad to know that after next year, other’s will no longer have the opportunity to learn from her. I’m glad I had that opportunity. It is well.


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