Friday Fun Fact

When putting on pants, socks, or shoes, I realized I ALWAYS dress my left side first. (Left leg or foot in first)

What’s YOUR Friday Fun Fact?


Matthew Ng February 5, 2010 Reply

They also say that the foot you use to first step on a staircase is the foot you should use forward when snowboarding. (Don't quote me on that, thats what my snowboard instructer said)

stepho February 5, 2010 Reply

when cutting my nails, i always cut my right fingers first before my left fingers =P

Chris February 5, 2010 Reply

Hmm.. now you have me wondering if I consistently start on one side when getting dressed. I don't think I do, but I'm concerned..

Brad February 5, 2010 Reply

I never learned how to whistle… :=(

coolazianchick February 5, 2010 Reply

I get out of bed at a time with multiples of 5 so like 6:00 or 6:05 6:15 etc but never 6:01

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