Fry Day

We bought a turkey fryer for Chris, my brother-in-law, for Christmas. We thought it was a good gift for him because he used to bring the turkey over to a friend’s house in El Cerrito, use their fryer, and then bring it back to his house 45 minutes away in San Ramon for dinner. I didn’t want him to have to wait until Thanksgiving to use his present, so I suggested that we use it now. Here’s some excerpts from our family email thread:

my sister: fry day on sun day then?
Chris: just make sure it isn’t raining on sunday. i’d hate to have oil splatter all over us and get burnt
me: ok, maybe this isn’t a good season to deep fry things outside. (it’s been raining a lot these past couple weeks)
my brother: nonsense thats what umbrellas are for

My family makes me laugh. Good times.

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stepho January 10, 2008 Reply

cute :o)

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