Fun with Google Maps

You’ve probably already seen this, but it looks like the worker bees over at google have been having a little fun:

  1. go to
  2. click on maps.
  3. click on the “get directions”
  4. type “New York, NY” in the first box (the “from” box)
  5. type “Paris, France” in the second box (the “to” box)
  6. click on “get directions”
  7. scroll down to step #24


Marcia April 18, 2007 Reply

that is HILARIOUS! oh my gosh!

Penguingolfer89 April 18, 2007 Reply

Haha I got that from my cousin in a e-mail last week…Swimming haha…

sacrod April 19, 2007 Reply

that's awesome… I wonder if it works for others?

some girl April 19, 2007 Reply

some one should get directions from SF to HK.

Penguingolfer89 April 19, 2007 Reply

It doesn't calculate San Francisco, CA to Hong Kong, China, wait that is the right country right?

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