Hunan Fireworks and Firearms

The village we were at in Hunan was pretty (and pretty small, for that matter). There wasn’t much to do except play with fireworks and firearms.

Some of the students bought the fireworks (from the Mahjong lady’s store) to celebrate the end of the program. Not sure why they decided to set them off over the school buildings and trees. The school administrators seemed to be ok with it because I heard they were watching. I was too lazy to walk down from the dorms, so I took some hand-held shots from the balcony. That “stick” in the middle of the picture is the school’s flag pole.

Here are some kids playing with plastic bb guns that shoot plastic bb bullets. The guns look pretty real, no?

One of my students thought it’d be a good idea to bring them back to Beijing. On our second and last day of debriefing, I got a call saying the cleaning ladies found a gun in one of my students’ dorm rooms. The police came and interrogated us. Just in case you want to buy one for yourselves, please note they’re illegal in Beijing, even though we did pass through train security and all to get back to the city. What good is train security then?

Talk to me, Goose.

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