Hungry and spoiled

bowl of rice

I’m so hungry right now.  I want to eat more than just a plain bowl of rice for dinner and then I come to a realization that I’m spoiled.  Many families in Africa survive on one meal a day.  I pray for rain in areas of drought so that they may receive a plentiful harvest.


penguingolfer89 March 28, 2006 Reply

I just finished reading another book it was called Nectar in A Sieve by Kamala Markandaya. It was placed in India.

They owned land to grow crops, but sometimes they didn't have enough to feed on and they would drink rice water for breakfast and lunch and eat the rice for dinner. The families were big families and they barely had any food. At times they didn't even have food. Children died of malnutrition.

We are so fortunate…I think I take that for granted.

beej March 28, 2006 Reply

Hearing stories like that is a good reminder of how much we have been blessed with. Now we just have to do something to help…

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