I changed back to the

I changed back to the old comments system. Enetation was just way too slow. I think the page seems to load a little faster now.

Things have not been going well lately. Maybe I’m just in a “funk” because things just suddenly seem to come up, all with the goal of giving me grief. There’s so much going on, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m just tired. And school hasn’t even started yet. Maybe I’ll just get my refund and not go this semester. Man, if I can just go somewhere where I don’t have to deal. But I guess God doesn’t call us to do that. Maybe this is why I need more patience and self-control and faithfulness…and…oh man. I guess I just have to realize that it’s these “funks” in my life that God uses to show me that I am not self-sufficient. I need more. And yes…I do. Maybe I just need to pray more. I’ve been slacking off in that area lately. Does your spiritual life often reflect the way things are going in your life? Or vice versa? Seems like they go hand in hand.

I gotta get off this depressing subject. I found this rubber ball game to be quite the stress reliever.

Side note: I never knew I can spend so much time at Target. I went there yesterday with some friends and we just looked up and down every aisle! I usually go, get what I need, and then leave. But wow, if you’re ever bored. You and your friends can spend half a day there just hanging out and shopping!

Talk to me, Goose.

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