I was watching this show

I was watching this show on MTV called “Flipped.” They take people and put them in scenarios representing consequences that might happen as a result of their lifestyle or actions. It’s a pretty good show. For example, today, they had 2 people on, a girl and a guy, who had a history of being promiscuous and having unprotected sex. They took the girl, and made her up as if she were HIV positive and had all these sores all over her face. She had to go out in public and tell people she had AIDS. She also had to plan her own funeral and met a person who was HIV positive who had contracted the disease heterosexually from her husband whom she trusted. The guy, was given a baby to take care of for the day. He had to feed the baby, change the baby, and buy groceries. He even took the baby to the gym to play basketball. Having the baby didn’t really change his outlook because at the end of the day, he just gave the baby back. But when he saw what the girl went through, I guess that made him think twice about his lifestyle. In the end, both said they had changed their outlook on things.

The show seems to be putting out a positive message. It’s so sad to see what it takes for people to actually think about the consequences of their actions. I guess humans are selfish in that way. We do what we want to do, whatever makes us feel good at the time. I hope people actually learn from that show. I hope that we, as believers, will follow this all-inclusive principle that should govern our actions: “…whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” -I Corinthians 10:31

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