I went shopping in Gilroy

I went shopping in Gilroy on Saturday and Jaime made me go to the Sanrio store with her. I think the time we spent in that store was longer than the time we spent in any other store. Everything was 50% off! Being Chinese (and female), we couldn’t pass up on good deals, even if we don’t need the stuff. I saw this and I just HAD to buy it:

this didn't taste too bad!

It tasted like regular beef jerky, but it wasn’t as sinewy as I thought beef jerky was supposed to be. And it had imprints on it like it had been pressed by some sort of mold…hmmm…oh well. No stomach problems just yet!

We also saw this hello kitty sitting in a lounge chair wearing only a bikini (hello kitty has gotten so scandalous!). The funniest thing was that she was not the classic white colored hello kitty, she was tan! Brown, like poop color! Hahaha…Jaime took a picture of it. I’ll post it up next time if she gives me a copy.

Talk to me, Goose.

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