Imagine this

The following is an excerpt taken from the book I’m reading. It really made me think about how hard it would be to actually live out what we believe.

The government of Chiapas has just passed a law that every resident must keep a stone idol in his or her house. You do not have to worship the idol, but it is mandatory to have it in your home, otherwise you will be imprisoned for five years. Do you keep the idol in your home to avoid arrest and continue to witness to others? Or do you refuse to put a false god in your house and face imprisonment?

What would you do?


penguingolfer89 September 3, 2003 Reply

I wouldn't keep the idol in my house. I would rather face imprisonment.

will September 5, 2003 Reply

that's tough, if i keep the idol, then i might not be that good of a witness to others. kinda of a hypocrite. by refusing, i would go to prison. once in prison then i could maybe reach the lost there!
this is a hard situation.

is this a true story ?

Talk to me, Goose.

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