In-N-Out 100×100

In case there was ever any doubt that In-N-Out actually honors crazy people’s requests.

In-N-Out 100x100

Does it look like there’s 100 patties in there?


Ray February 1, 2006 Reply

wow…someone really spent $100 to get 100 patties? well I can't really see it according to that picture but I would rather get me a nice slice of juicy steak with that money. :-)

KK February 1, 2006 Reply

wow that's crazy, I wonder how many orders were put on hold just to fill that one order. I don't even know how a person would eat such a thing :-P hhhhmmm… would they do a 500×500 or is there actually a limit?

beej February 6, 2006 Reply

Ray, I didn't even think about the cost. Too funny.

suki February 9, 2006 Reply

I wonder how many times they lost count before they just gave up and said "Nah, he won't notice anyway…" :p

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