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When I got home from work today, it was non-stop chatting. I finally had the pleasure of meeting Nosebleed and Avida (well, their voices at least) through Skype. Wonder how Skype compares with the Gizmo project. I couldn’t do stuff like this before because I never had a mic until Zhart got one for me when he was in Hong Kong. Apparently, you can buy credit to call landlines or mobile phones all over the world for pennies per minute. Seems to be a little better than getting ripped off by those phone cards you buy from Chinatown where it says you have 300 minutes, but in actuality, you have only 20 minutes. It might be better than buying a $20 phone card and you try to use it sometime later and find that it expired. Trust me, I speak from experience.

I’m tempted to try it out because I feel bad for not calling my friends over HK, especially during the holidays. The connection is awesomely clear. I was conferencing with 3 people tonight and the people on the East Coast sounded like they were right next door. Free voice chatting, what are you waiting for people? SKYPE ME!

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  1. I've ended up with friends all over the planet thanks to the internet… though it's a shame that I'll never get to meet all of them in person…

  2. I absolutely love Skype because it allows me

    to do free customer consultations as well

    as speak to people all across the world for free

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