Is it Friday the 13th or something?

I’ve had about the worst day ever today, and it’s not even over yet!

First off, I overslept, so I left the house late.  When I leave later, there’s more traffic.  Stinks.

I leave before eating the free lunch at work to get new tires from Costco.  I drive over to the one near the airport because it’s not as busy as the others.  They don’t have the tire that I need.  The guy tells me to go to the south city Costco.  It’s raining.

On my way there, I get rear-ended.  Thank goodness it was a slow-speed hit, and nothing that can be seen save for some scratches.  But boy did I feel it in the car.  I got the guy’s information, who, by the way, had nothing on his right arm past the elbow.

I finally get there and good, they have the tires I need, but there’s about a 3 hour wait.  Let’s see, I need to eat lunch, maybe walk around for a bit, but for THREE HOURS??!!!  Fine, let’s get this over with.  $140 per tire that comes out to be over $600, oh man.  Doh! I forgot I’m at super-lame, super-exclusive American express, cash, or check only Costco.  I got nothin on me but 7 bucks and a credit card.  

At least I had enough money for lunch. 

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Ray March 13, 2006 Reply

wow…what a day it must be eh? $600 for tires? geez that is a whole lot, but then again it's probably those sports tires. Anyways, you and including everyone else that are "good" drivers, should really be careful on the streets/freeways. I have no idea how those ppl got their license but they got it and don't know how to drive. Especially those who are foreign or coming from out of state. It's bad, but you lived through it. :)

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