It’s a sad, sad day

It’s a sad, sad day in the neighborhood. I loved watching Mister Rogers, especially the train that went into the land of make-believe. I agree with Cindy and that I think that show was one of the best kid shows ever, better than Barney or anything like that.



penguingolfer89 February 27, 2003 Reply

Mista Rogers was the best…wipe eyes….i loved him…That was the big talk in the locker room…

beej February 28, 2003 Reply

so that's what jr. highers talk about in the locker room? hahaha…funny.

penguingolfer89 February 28, 2003 Reply

well yeah….its funny and cool…lol

sacrod March 2, 2003 Reply

yeah, that's so sad that Mr. Rogers died… Mr. Rogers was so cool….

penguingolfer89 March 2, 2003 Reply

coolist ever man! i use to wake up early to watch it I remember 6:30am…

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