Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Since I wrote yesterday about a new movie coming out, I should also mention that I finally watched a documentary I’ve been meaning to watch since it came out in Spring of 2012. It’s called Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Everyone who likes sushi, or not, should watch it. It’s about a man who’s been making sushi all his life. He owns a 10 seat restaurant. It costs over $300 per person for a meal that only lasts for about half an hour. The sushi chef has no tolerance for special requests, and they don’t serve westernized sushi or appetizers. Although in the documentary, it looked like they made tempura for themselves. Ha. I really liked something the chef said in the film: “To make good food, you must eat good food.” How else would you know what tastes good? Smart man.

The director said he was allowed to film in the restaurant ever day for two months over the course of a year. He started by shooting on a small DSLR, but as trust developed, so did the size of the camera, and it turns out most of the film was shot using the Red One. Check out an interview with the director David Gelb.

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