Low postings in December 2004

I was looking at my list of archives by month and noticed that I made only 1 post last December. That’s pretty sad. I wonder what I was doing? I just remember that it was a busy month. Like I always tell people, you can probably tell how busy I am by the amount of activity that’s going on at this site. I’d like to change that in the future though. I should start posting more often (like I have been recently), just so I don’t waste this space.

Which reminds me — while things over at beigetower.org were kinda slow back in December, I bought somegirlwitha.com as a little birthday present for myself. My coworker buys something from Tiffany’s every year for her own birthday. For my birthday, I go and buy a domain name. How geeky is that? Oh well, I gotta get my money’s worth from now on.

Talk to me, Goose.

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