Man, I can’t get the

Man, I can’t get the pictures to show up any more. What happened? I think I was trying to be too fancy.

One more week of school left. But so much work to do. Why am I writing this when I have a ton of papers to finish? I really enjoyed my class today. Adulthood and aging were the topics. I really enjoyed reading an article about improving memory in person’s with dimentia or Alzheimer’s. It’s so sad that society seems to push those people to the outside and leaves them to await their end. Research shows that improvements can be made. With the normal population, research suggests that older adults enjoy their lives just as much as anybody, even if they seem to withdraw from any hint of a social life. That’s great to know. Glad to know that when I get to that point, there will be hope.

We got our Christmas tree today, YAY!!!! Actually, Melissa and Chris got it. I’m surprised she didn’t finish all the decorations. I’m sure she’ll get right to it tomorrow. Our entire house smells like the great outdoors.

Talk to me, Goose.

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