Man, That Was a Good Comeback

4:52:47 PM: you got a new car and you didn't tell me?
4:53:39 PM: you got a boyfriend and you didn't tell me?
4:53:55 PM: crap…



penguingolfer89 January 29, 2007 Reply

Oh, I didn't tell you I had a boyfriend?

No worries, I don't have a boyfriend…

JerryNFremont January 30, 2007 Reply

Why am I always the last to hear about these things? What kind of boyfriend did you get? Japanese, German, or American?

MissTeeTee February 1, 2007 Reply

LOL. tams are so good in comebacks.

Kurt February 3, 2007 Reply

Did I tell you that i'm pregnant?

elena February 7, 2007 Reply

what??? I'm confused??? are you the one who got the new car or new boyfriend? ha ha

Talk to me, Goose.

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