Video: Man vs. Cat

In the company parking lot. No one came to clean up this cat that’s been dead for too long, so we took matters into our own hands, literally.

Apologies for the poor quality…it was taken with my phone.

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  1. hehehehe. so funny you two!!! I’m glad you caught it on video. I hope Kurt didn’t get any dirt on his shirt when he threw out that cat… cuz then it’d end up in his yurt.


  2. No…I, am an EXPERT, and quite ALERT, so, GIRT with power, tossed that cat quickly, to AVERT any OVERT DIRT (heck, even SHERBERT) from sullying my SHIRT. You know, Aileen, I am a bit DISCONCERTed — you ought to think before you write, and not just BLURT out what comes to mind. Otherwise you could HURT someone. Ok, gotta go–I want to eat my YOGURT.

    Mean ol' Aileen!

  3. HAHAHAHHA!!! i just watched the video and to be quite honest…that was AWESOME! made me laugh out loud. though a little dirty, no? i don't know if gloves/soap/anti-bacterial gel would be enough…probably need to soak that hand in pure alcohol or something.

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