Matrix rave

Lock: Not everyone believes in what you believe.
Morpheus: My beliefs do not require them to.

I love it! Go watch it. Why do most opportunities to go out occur during the times when I should be studying most? I’m supposed to watch X2 tomorrow night also, but I might have to skip out on that since I’m working tomorrow and Saturday. Oh, but I want to go…the struggle… We’ll see how much I get done. So was this movie worth the risk of failing my final exam? Probably not.

But I liked the movie. They could have done without the dance scene, but there were a lot of fight scenes, which were AWESOME!!! Yuen Wo Ping and his brother Yuen Cheung Yan were the action choreographers for this movie. They’re pretty well known martial arts directors for American and Hong Kong action movies and I’ve seen many of them. The ones in Chinese are the best. No fake voice-overs….haha.

And you can’t ignore the religious overtones in the movie. Is Morpheus like John the Baptist, heralding the coming of “the one,” who is messiah-like and all-powerful?

And in terms of fashion, I must say these movies do have their own style of clothing, not to mention the sunglasses. Do you think people will be wearing clothes like Neo anytime in the near future???

PS.-Don’t forget to stay after the credits!

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