Meet Geordi


This post has been sitting in draft mode for the longest time. My camera is not new, and neither is the name for it, but I thought I might write about it here.

I like to name things that I own. From early childhood, I had given names to everything that I liked. I have names for everything from my stuffed toys, slippers, my guitar, and my cars. Geordi seemed to be an appropriate name for my current camera. The name comes from one of my favorite characters on one my favorite TV shows, Star Trek: The Next Generation (which I currently watch every evening before going sleep). The character in the show uses a unique VISOR instrument — which allows him to “see” throughout the electromagnetic spectrum, from heat and infrared through visible light to radio waves.

Anyone else out there who names their possessions? I wonder what kind of interesting names/objects are out there.

Talk to me, Goose.

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