Movies, movies, movies…

Thanks to Johnny for all those 99 cent rental coupons. I watched I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead last night. I just heard the title, but I didn’t know anything about it before watching it. Um…it’s another one of those disturbing movies that leaves you with a yucky feeling. I don’t know why I seem to rent those.

But I definitely want to see The Phantom of the Opera (I’m curious how the film version will turn out) and Beyond the Sea, a movie about the singer Bobby Darin. I like a lot of his songs and of course it’s a plus when the great actor Kevin Spacey is in it.

Side note: I just bought a loaf of texas toast and made some french toast this morning. Mmm…no more wimpy white bread for me.

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X November 24, 2004 Reply

Yum, toast sounds good…I had toast everyday I was on vacation…hehee..

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