My car was parked near

My car was parked near an intersection where this cable car had gotten into an accident where it hit a car. There were all these people crowding around watching as if it were the Main Street Electrical parade at Disneyland. I had to get something from my car so I went around just to find a man posing for a picture with the accident in the background. Man, what’s up with these tourists??? Ooh, cable cars….even better: cable car accident!

I think I have automatictoiletphobia. Toilets that flush by themselves scare me and I hate them with a passion, especially the ones that are loud and powerful. You never know when they’re going to go off prematurely. They’re the scariest thing I tell you.

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cheeken August 5, 2003 Reply

Yeah, I'm always afraid they're gonna suck my butt right off. I'd hate to have to explain that…

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