Nerve-racking day

I played for worship this morning. Nothing unusual when I’m subbing in for one of the members, unless I’m subbing in the pianist. I haven’t played piano in public for over 10 years. I was quite nervous, but everything turned out ok.

We also had our first softball game of the season. I’m coordinating the team this year. Since most of the guys who usually take charge are going through some huge life-changes, so they asked me to do it. It’s kinda weird for a girl to be managing a co-ed softball team, no? Well, I just hope everyone on the team has fun and for them not to be too focused on winning (or losing).

Happy Birthday to Myron. Too bad we didn’t get to go celebrate.


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zhart124 June 7, 2004 Reply

ha, i had fun, just hope that we can have fun AND win at the same time, LOL

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