Nicholas party in LA

I’m here in LA now. The drive down yesterday was quite adventurous. Our goal was to hit all the Burger King restaurants to get more of the Star Wars toys that come with the kids meals. We went to all but 2 BK’s that we saw. We’ll hit those on the way back up. Chris and Jerry bought a few kids meals to get some more toys. Our car reeked of hamburgers and fries. They didn’t even eat the meals. Crazy people. Penguingolfer got 5 Vaders. That’s FIVE! I can’t even find one. I told her to take a picture of all of them together.

The “welcome Nicholas” party was small and cozy, just the way OJ likes it. It was good catching up with people I haven’t seen in a long time. Congratulations to Joanne (my lil sis from college) who’s 5 months along. I think all my friends are turning into baby machines.

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  1. Fun car ride!

    Yes, I'll get the picture posted as soon as I get home and join them together.

    Baby machines? Haha…

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