North Shore Edition

I haven't had time to do much, but here's just a celebration of summer, golf, and island fun. It'...

I haven’t had time to do much, but here’s just a celebration of summer, golf, and island fun. The colors were inspired by a necklace from Thailand that I saw. The name was just thrown in. It’s a bit ironic, but I’ve never been to the north shore. Since I haven’t been able to go tropical for vacation, I guess I had to make a little online getaway for myself. I’ll be changing things here and there, but I thought I’d just put this up for now.


penguingolfer89 June 17, 2005 Reply

Wow! So neat!

Chris June 17, 2005 Reply

Still using the force to post a comment, eh? Now I want to go and watch "Saved by the Bell Hawaiian Style."

beej June 17, 2005 Reply

Hehe…there's still a lot of playing around to be done. But the comments submit button has been updated. Oh my, I just got a visual of Screech in his hawaiian shirt.

Wendy June 17, 2005 Reply

I like this very much, it's really cool and the picture is awesome.

beej June 20, 2005 Reply

Wendy, which picture are you referring to?

Wendy June 21, 2005 Reply

I meant pictures, I like all of them, its like a vacation on your computer. You go away for a little while when looking at them.

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