OD on Mandy Moore

I watched Chasing Liberty 3 times in the past 72 hours. Is that too much?


penguingolfer89 May 18, 2004 Reply

Nope…I watch Uptown Girls 3 times in the past 72 hours also…Heehee…Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning! Woo hoo!

Oh and I've watched AW2R like more than that in 24 hours…you know you like MANDY MOORE! haha!

So hows the dancing coming from Honey?

Siobhan May 19, 2004 Reply

I love Mandy Moore. She's adorable. I like chasing liberty too. I watched it in the movie theater. =) Hope that you are doing well.

Tigress Woods May 20, 2004 Reply

I think she has pouty lips. Thanks for stopping by, CC!

Talk to me, Goose.

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