Ode to my sweet love

You have been a true friend,
You kept me company at night.
I’m sorry for my inattention,
Oh, how I have neglected you.

You allowed me
To express myself in ways I never imagined.
You opened the door
To a web of a world I had never known.
You changed me
Into a person I never knew I could be.

But when you turned away from me,
You left a hole in my heart.
What was I to do?
Dialogue was broken.
I could not post,
And no one could comment.

To revive the relationship,
The well of my wallet was emptied.
The cost, higher than normal.
But now, your name is restored.
Your domain, secured.

You are once again mine,
And mine alone.
I cherish our bond,
And promise my faithfulness–
From now, until
I come up with a better domain name.

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penguingolfer89 January 13, 2006 Reply

Wowzers…Haha. Yup, keep the postings up! I love it!

Talk to me, Goose.

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