Ok Sherlock Holmes…

  • They’re tearing apart the house that’s directly across from mine.
  • They had an estate sale a few weeks ago at the same house. I was wondering why all these people were parked on our quiet street at 8 in the morning with coffee in their hands. When I looked up at the house, there was flyers stuck on the windows that said “Estate sale.”
  • Barbara, the old lady, who knew my grandfather when he lived on this street, who used to remind me to move my car so I wouldnt’ get a street cleaning ticket, hasn’t knocked on my door for a long time.

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Ray October 29, 2004 Reply

hmm…did she pass away? or she can't take care of herself anymore so family/relatives came and took them to their place so they just decide to sell the house cuz no one would be living there? OR maybe other possibilities…

Talk to me, Goose.

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