Openness during chat…

craig: chat chat chat
beej: chat blah chat
craig: blah chat chat
beej: chat chat chat
craig: brb…gotta go poo

TMI!!! Why do people feel they need to tell me exactly what they’re doing??? Thanks a lot Craigers…

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  1. From David's blog (

    "Mother of all logs"
    friend: dude
    friend: i just laid the mother of all logs
    friend: it took 3 flushes to kill it
    friend: 3rd flush almost overfilled the toilet

    Sad to say that I was one of the ones who introduced these two people to each other in high school…. haha

  2. dude, speaking of which, i've encounter a 'mother of all logs' in Guatemala. Your friends were not kidding. It took me 3 times to flush it down the toilet. I guess 3 is the magic number to define whether or not it's a 'mother of all logs'. PS. that log was not mine. it's someone else's.

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