Our church softball team record

Our church softball team record this season is 2-1 right now. Not too shabby. We get better and better every time we play, probably because the only time we practice is when we’re playing! It’s neat to play in a league where you play against other churches. Sports ministries are pretty cool because it allows people (mostly guys, I think…haha) to come together and fellowship. I’m always sore after playing a full game, because there aren’t that many girls for us to have subs (well, it’s either that or the fact that I’m a little out of shape…nah).

Same snack, different worlds.
After the game, we went to get some eggettes. Mmm…I haven’t had those since I was in HK. The place we went to also sold boba. They called themselves an internet cafe since they had 3 computers (with mighty fast connections, might I add). These eggettes were a bit different, maybe because of the atmosphere and the environment. In HK, eggettes are mainly sold from street vendors and you can smell them from blocks away when you’re battling through crowds when you’re shopping in the street markets. Although there is little distinction in the taste of the eggettes themselves, I think the whole experience that comes along with these little Chinese snacks are very markedly different in the US and HK.

Talk to me, Goose.

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