Pictures with Santa

I was substituting at the preschool this morning and we took the kids on a field trip to the mall to take pictures with Santa Claus. It was cute to see all the little kids. Some were shy and even scared of Santa. We only had 2 kids. One didn’t want to look at Santa. He would just sit there but squint his eyes and turned away from Santa, but smiling a the whole time. The other kid had no idea what was going on. The picture turned out well. Neither child was looking at the camera. Try getting 2 autistic kids to look into the camera for 1 picture. Hehe.

Another observation: Santa was just sitting there, in a grandma pose. He didn’t hold them in his lap or even put his arm around them. I guess people are intimidated by these kids because they see that they are different, but they don’t know what it is. He just sat there all rigid-lookin, while the kids sat near him. What a shame.


will December 18, 2003 Reply

that's great those two kids got a chance to take a picture with santa. i guess that santa was overworked or had no holiday spirit.

beej December 18, 2003 Reply

No, he hugged the other kids and was very friendly to them, but not to our kids. I think he saw that our kids were different. One of our kids has hearing aids for both ears (actually, he has a huge implant for one ear), so it's pretty obvious that there's something "different" with our kids. He was trying to brush off one of the kids who was crawling near him. It was unbelievable.

will December 19, 2003 Reply

bad bad santa.

beej December 19, 2003 Reply

haha….like the movie?

sacrod December 21, 2003 Reply

seems santa was extra uncomfortable. That's sad :(.

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