Taken from a creative soul who put this on the internet:

You illness of the past century
Coming and destroying family
You are strong battling
From the inside
Slyly you are coming
Without asking you are entering
In between a loving family
You are not asking, you are taking
But there is something you will never take
It is something so special, so unique
Even with your power you will never touch
And that, is the soul of people
But most of all, the love they have for each other
Will never be destroyed
Now when your work is done
You go, but what we will remember is not you
But the person and what he shared with us
Now who is the winner you or us?
I will say us because we remember the best
What a soul can bring to us
With the help of GOD
You are only one of our other obstacles
For our way to Heaven
You gave us more that you brought us.
You gave us strength and faith, love and friends
You gave us hope and patience, unity and family.

To all who are suffering from cancer. My prayers are with you, especially you, Gong-gong.

Talk to me, Goose.

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