Precious Popcorn

Precious Popcorn

Precious Popcorn

I have never spent so much time at Target before in my life.  In these 2 days, I’ve visited 4 different Targets 5 different times.  That’s 4 Targets in 4 different cities all around the bay.  But oh, how I love the popcorn there, so we definitely had to find a way to keep it safe while we walked around the store.  Clever, no?  I couldn’t help but take some shots.


penguingolfer89 September 3, 2006 Reply

Oh how I love Target! I went there twice last week. Time for me to go again. I can spend hours in there.

MissTeeTee September 4, 2006 Reply

lol how funny popcorn in the baby seat. csf is like a college scolarship program i do community service.

sacrod September 4, 2006 Reply

I *LOVE* Target!!

jaimeeeeeeeeeee September 5, 2006 Reply

yay! :)

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