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I was just talking to Joey a few weeks ago and we were discussing what people buy with their first paychecks. When I started working, and aside from all the usual post-college expenses (rent, loans, gas, etc.)– I bought my watch. Personal fun fact: Swiss Army is actually one of my favorite brands. A little guyish, I know.

Anyhoo, for all those working people out there, did you use your first paycheck to splurge on an item or vacation/event? If so, how did you spend your first paycheck? Oooh, and a follow-up question would be (if you’ve been around as long as I have): if you made a purchase, do you still use/own it?

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  1. I want a snowboard too! haha

    I already don't remember what was the first thing I spend on with my paycheck. I know I opened a savings account coz i was putting way too much in my checking account! heheh I guess it'll probably be my pink sony camera case that cost me $40! it was pretty expensive to me but I love it! and it's pretty!! :D

    oh wait. i think I also went to watch Jersey Boys with my friends and we sat in the orchestra seats. that cost quite a bit. but it was a good show though. it was a good show.

  2. I bought a skateboard with my first paycheck.

    Now, all I spend my paychecks on are food, entertainment, and others (just because, birthdays, baby showers, and weddings).

  3. Oh and i don't use it anymore. i actually sold it a couple months ago because it began collecting dust. plus i needed to pay for rent =/. i never really used it much in college. the era of the electric guitar remain in my high school days…=) i think back then it was definitely an impulse buy hahaha

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