Salt Popsicle

Salt Popsicle

During the migrant school program this summer, my Chinese friends bought popsicles for their class. They had only bought a couple white ones and the rest were green bean flavored (my favorite!). I got the one of the “special” ones. I took one lick and couldn’t tell what flavor it was. It wasn’t sweet at all. Tasted a bit like…gatorade…but salty. I don’t know if I could say that I enjoyed it, but I appreciated their thoughtfulness! The next day, they bought one bag of each popsicle, white and green bean. All the kids rushed for the white ones.


Iris August 27, 2009 Reply

Jen: What flavor is this?!?

Me: *confused* I have noooo idea….

Jen: *asks the Chinese students*

Jen: It's what?

Chinese students: Salt's really good!

Jen: Ohh…..interesttttting

Hahaha definitely an unforgettable moment with you JEN! =)

coolazianchick August 27, 2009 Reply



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