Salt Popsicle

Salt Popsicle

During the migrant school program this summer, my Chinese friends bought popsicles for their class. They had only bought a couple white ones and the rest were green bean flavored (my favorite!). I got the one of the “special” ones. I took one lick and couldn’t tell what flavor it was. It wasn’t sweet at all. Tasted a bit like…gatorade…but salty. I don’t know if I could say that I enjoyed it, but I appreciated their thoughtfulness! The next day, they bought one bag of each popsicle, white and green bean. All the kids rushed for the white ones.

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  1. Jen: What flavor is this?!?

    Me: *confused* I have noooo idea….

    Jen: *asks the Chinese students*

    Jen: It's what?

    Chinese students: Salt's really good!

    Jen: Ohh…..interesttttting

    Hahaha definitely an unforgettable moment with you JEN! =)

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