San Francisco Pillow Fight 2007

No, it wasn’t snowing, but it sure looked like it was.

Now that’s the way to spend Valentine’s Day: whacking the heck outta the people around you. I’ve got feathers in places you don’t wanna know. Check out more photos at flickr.


penguingolfer89 February 14, 2007 Reply

That is so cool, wish I got some action like that! I wanna wack people! Hehe.

~KK February 15, 2007 Reply

That is awesome. I'm glad you had a fun Valentine's Day. =) Maybe Ray and I will go next year.

ro February 16, 2007 Reply

that's so crazy!! :D

bloopy February 16, 2007 Reply

hey, those're my legs and skateboard on the 2nd to last photo!. . .

Drew March 7, 2007 Reply

I just stumbled upon these pictures and was there for the pillow fight too. Good times, good times.

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