SF Saturday

My friends came up to last night to stay for a day. They both had been to San Francisco before, so we didn’t really need to go sightseeing. We slept in and had brunch at one of my favorite breakfast places in the Haight. We shopped around a bit (they bought up a storm at Amoeba Music) and then we went over to the Fillmore Jazz Festival 2005. We listened to some good music and shopped around some more. After that, we headed over to Fisherman’s Wharf where we ate dinner and had some Ghirardelli ice cream.

It was a full yet relaxing day since we didn’t rush to go anywhere. I’m so proud that I came up with fun things to do. All the events today reminded me of how much I love the culture and the feel of this city.

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  1. Wickedly fun! Heehee..I love 4th of July weekend hangout everywhere, handout with friends and family and have fun! Woot woot! =)

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