stepho October 3, 2007 Reply

that's a cool picture. where's you?

Vinson October 3, 2007 Reply

did they get the skimboarding down ?

Joey October 3, 2007 Reply

lol it IS a cool picture, lemme see the other ones

penguingolfer89 October 3, 2007 Reply

Oh, nice. We went to the beach on Sunday, it was pretty awesome!

some girl October 6, 2007 Reply

@stepho: i'm taking the pictures!

@vinson: they started getting it a little. better than the first time we went.

@joey: i'll try to put up a few more here and maybe the rest on my flickr.

Jen aka NanashiB October 24, 2007 Reply

rofl, i have a video up on my Facebook from this, I wonder if i filmed the part where joey fell on his butt. hrm… I need to check it out again. Awesome picture + the one of Caleb. =3

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