Sonic is ill

It’s been only 4 years and 70,000 miles, but Sonic has been pushed too hard. He’s now resting at a gas station in Belmont. I have to go down tomorrow to talk to the mechanics to see what’s going on. I hate car problems. I’m getting sad just thinking about how much it’ll cost to fix him up.

By the way, over the weekend, I bought some professional handball really soft suede Adidas shoes. They look much better than what’s shown in the picture. Christina said they look like my house slippers. No way do my house slippers look like that! I also bought clothes at Target for the very first time. Now when the kids get me dirty, I won’t care as much! I am: El Cheapo. Wait, that’s the name of my computer.

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  1. Poor Sonic, hope he feels better, hope the cost ain't too high eitha!

    They do look like your house slippers when your like 1 block away, from the front, and if your like me wearing a lower contact perscription. Haha.

    Dude, I always buy clothes from Target, it's cheap and so comfy!

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