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Woohoo! My A’s beat the Yankees!!!

Annika gets her Grand Slam.

Someone brought up how we should get uniforms for our softball team. I was asking people what numbers they would get. I had a hard time coming up with a number for my jersey. Then I asked them if they had a racehorse, what would they name it. Some names that were brought up were Wheels, Bag It, or My Little Pony. Hmm…I wonder what I would name my racehorse?


penguingolfer89 August 4, 2003 Reply

A's rock…but I think there more "my" team! lol..The whole team is soo cute!

Hmm…My racehorse…Speedy Chevez!! "wink wink"

beej August 4, 2003 Reply

oh my, you're like a ball of hormones there.

penguingolfer89 August 4, 2003 Reply

no…no…wait Baby Chevez!

penguingolfer89 August 4, 2003 Reply

umm ball of hormones?? me?? who you kidding? I really don't like anyone…(they just look cute thats all…and Chevez is the only thing that sounds cute with speedy and baby…)

cheeken August 5, 2003 Reply

*sniff sniff* *sob* *weep* Oh, beej, you finally did it! Not only did you get your very own domain, but you came over to the dark side that is moveable type.

I'm so happy for you. Things are lovely around here. You rock!

Congrats on the new digs.

Talk to me, Goose.

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