Spring break starts! Yay for

Spring break starts!
Yay for spring break! Boo on take-home midterms! Why is it that professors give take-home midterms over break? Is it because they think we will have more time to work on the assignment? Hmm… Well, gotta finish the work by Wednesday because after that, I’ll be up in the snow again!!!

Check out the deal of the day for today. My friends found this in the newspaper and Cindy went berzerko cuz she was so excited. She loves board games and when people are sitting around or just “hanging out,” she’ll bust out her games. I think it’s a good way to hang out and fellowship with people. It allows people to get comfortable and sometimes, you really get to see a side of people that you don’t normally get to see. This is especially true when they start getting really excited and animated during the game, like the way Kent does.

DEAL OF THE DAY: BOARD GAMES — buy 1, get 1 free.

Talk to me, Goose.

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