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Update (Nov 23, 18:22): Also do a Google search for the phrase “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.” Be sure to turn the sound up for the full John Williams effect. Or for my lazy peeps: click here.

As if there isn’t already an over abundance of Star Wars stuff to buy in stores, Google has launched Star Wars themes for your apps, just in case you can’t get enough of Force in your life.

To begin, you have to choose a side – Light or Dark. Once you choose a side, you’ll see Star Wars themes throughout your Google apps, whether it is on a mobile device or desktop computer. For example, I chose the Dark side, opened my Gmail, and I was greeted with a darkly colored Empire theme. In Google Maps, I saw a Star Destroyer where my Home location is.

As for which applications have these themes enabled, Google lists YouTube, Chromecast, Google Maps, Waze, Gmail, Inbox, Google Translate, Android Wear, Google Search, and Google Calendar.

Seems like you can change sides once you have already made a selection. If you don’t care for these shenanigans, you can also go back to the boring default settings. Also, Google notes that it may take a couple of hours for all the changes to take place, so once you make a side selection, you’ll need to allow some time before you get upset about not seeing light sabers and such. And apparently no Google Apps for Work, Education, or Government are supported.

You can join a side by clicking the link below and signing into your Google account.

Join the Light or Dark side here.

via the Google Blog.

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